WAN Optimization & Application Performance Monitoringapplication performance greatly improved

An international electronics distributor was looking to improve the availability of business-critical applications and, as well, the end-user experience with an eye towards WAN circuit costs.

GDT leveraged a true leader in application performance infrastructure to deliver a complete platform for the hybrid enterprise. This enabled the customer to ensure applications perform as expected, data is always available, and performance issues can be proactively detected and resolved before impacting business performance.

The client was able to transform application performance into a competitive advantage by maximizing employee productivity and leveraging IT to create new forms of operational agility.

Clearing the Picture of Demand

It can be challenging to gain a clear picture of demand. Distributors must ensure that all business resources and operations are optimally aligned with demand. Demand projections and sales forecasts are almost always a far-less-than-optimal substitute for gaining a single, complete, and up-to-date picture of demand.

GDT helped to provide organization-wide access to information, which allows managers and supply chain partners to make fast, strategic decisions. This created the agility they needed to scale operations to match demand.

Leveraging Visibility to Gain Control

Access to real-time inventory data is paramount when driving proactive, responsive sales operations, attempting to make sound purchasing decisions, and minimizing inventory costs. Possessing the ability to identify redundant and/or slow-moving inventory can be invaluable for an organization.

GDT provided full visibility to key metrics, including cash cycle and inventory turn, to allow the distributor to measure and improve company performance.

Improved Execution with Suppliers and Customers

Business velocity determines success in the distribution industry. Poorly integrated systems, reliance on manual processes, and re-keying data already available elsewhere – but not accessible everywhere – is always bad news.

GDT provided an environment in which the client could be responsive to customers and ensure that suppliers can rely on them as trusted trading partners. This fostered a strengthened relationship between the distributor, its suppliers and its customers, by allowing them the freedom and foresight to make doing business easy, enjoyable and cost effective.

Positioned for Growth

The market for a distributor is nothing, if not supremely competitive. GDT helped the client foster an environment that consistently supports quick response and unfailing accuracy, which communicated lead-time and quality care data across all contact points.

Getting customer service right is a must, and this client is now positioned to experience sustained growth as a result of its commitment to leveraging all levels of expertise related to this segment of their business.

Unique Questions, Unique Answers

The client struggled to define the end user at both corporate headquarters and remote sales offices. In addition, issues with the new SAP application caused the organization to fail over to manual processes or order entry.

GDT implemented the Riverbed architecture of products to provide the client with visibility, control and optimization of its critical business applications. The result was an immediate ability to proactively identify performance degradation based on dynamic thresholds and historical baselines, as well as a unified view of the end user experience in all corporate facilities.

The icing on the cake came in the client’s newfound ability to isolate event-impacting issues in seconds, not days.