The Best-Laid Plans, ImplementedNational wireless provider turns to long-time partner GDT to ensure its cloud migration goals becomes a reality

By Richard Arneson

All too often organizations don’t give migrations their due. There’s considerably more to moving applications to the than most suspect. And that mindset often puts companies at risk once they discover a lack of knowledge or having the right skill sets on staff has prevented them from enjoying all the has to offer. It’s a harsh reality.

One of the largest voice and data providers in the United States knew, through experience, how to ensure a better outcome. They wanted to reduce their footprint, provide employees with an enhanced user experience and better manage its IT budget, including costs associated with everything from hardware to . They have been utilizing ’s professional services and staffing solutions for years, so turning to them for its Office 365 cloud required little thought. And proved them right.

The customer’s most utilized applications—hands down

The client had been hosting its email service in-house for some time, and wanted to migrate Office 365 to the cloud for over a thousand users. Whether they were from engineering, sales, HR or finance, the client knew that end users unable to access Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more, for more than a nanosecond would send productivity sliding and help desk and support engagement spiraling.

The Assessment and Migration Plan

As they always do, GDT’s Cloud team conducted interviews with the customer’s key stakeholders to uncover current and future needs, and fully understand expectations to ensure the cloud migration addressed them all.

Due to extensive factfinding, GDT’s comprehensive cloud migration plan addressed savings in time and costs, the right-sizing of the cloud solution, the management of resources, ongoing monitoring and maintenance, and the protection of sensitive data, DR (Disaster Recovery), including backups and auto-recovery, and the solution’s ability to satisfy Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

GDT —always close by

When any GDT solution is implemented, whether it’s cloud-, datacenter-, services- or security-related, GDT’s Project Management team is close by. From the first interview to the last deliverable, they are there to oversee, manage and ensure that some of the industry’s most innovative solutions perfectly meet customers’ expectations. They have implemented some of the industry’s most advanced, complex solutions for thousands of customers from a wide variety of industries.

Based on the GDT-designed Office 365 cloud solution, GDT Project Management crafted and oversaw a detailed, seamless migration roadmap that experienced no service interruptions or downtime. As a result of the successful cloud migration, the client has turned to GDT to manage the entire solution from its state-of-the-art Network Operations Center.