Texas City gets collaboration upgradeUpgraded emergency communications services

Infrastructure support systems receive needed boost

A city of approximately 25,000 was in need of a UC upgrade for systems supporting its infrastructure, including, but not limited to, the library, city hall and emergency services.

The systems were approaching end-of-life and the customer regularly experienced issues with bugs and outages. The objective of the project was to merge all systems to a current stable release, migrating away from legacy hardware in the process.

By upgrading the core collaboration components, the city also enabled an assortment of next-generation technologies like and E911.

Over several months, built a relationship with the customer, eventually deploying experts to patch some of the biggest issues that the previous VAR was unable to correct. was available to answer any questions about the systems and quickly became one of the city’s most trusted advisors.

GDT upgraded core UC components and enabled systems to support next-gen technologies while maintaining a high level of availability. The team succeeded with a 100 percent supported and stable application, built to be fully redundant and diverse. The customer can explain to stakeholders with confidence that systems are healthy and consistent once again.

In the future, GDT will continue to serve as an asset to city planners, rolling out collaboration clients across the enterprise while enabling E911 deployment.