Security for energy exploration and production companyTranslating business needs into a technical framework

High stakes solution

While conducting a security audit, a Fort Worth-based independent oil & gas exploration and production company uncovered the need for immediate corrective action. With revenues nearing one-billion dollars, there was very little margin for error, as a failure to remediate the audit item would have resulted in untold costs and consequences.

The client sought a single-pane glass solution that offered high security, centralized visibility and a strong BYOD strategy that would improve the guest experience.

The client’s internal IT team required the expertise of GDT to translate their business needs into technical resources. GDT’s unique ability to work between department borders made for a perfect fit, with highly skilled engineers offering real-world expertise regarding the interpretation of needs and an understanding of all aspects of the multi-vendor hardware and services solutions – along with TrustSec specialization.

Software-defined segmentation

Cisco TrustSec utilizes software-defined segmentation to reduce the risk of malware propagation, simplify security operations, and assist in meeting compliance goals. Traffic classification is based on endpoint identity, not the IP address – nor is it based on access control lists, which helps enable policy change without network redesign.

Cisco TrustSec is embedded technology within the Cisco infrastructure, which allows for the simplification of provisioning and management of network access, making security operations more efficient, and helping to enforce segmentation policy consistently – anywhere in the network.

In order to meet the client’s timeframe, GDT quickly established a test environment, deployed the ISE devices, implemented the Cisco ISE solution during a mentored install, and configured policies – all in an efficient and expedited manner.

Fostering trust

The customer’s faith in GDT’s expertise and its trust in our knowledge and desire to empower their organization grew concurrently during the mentored install. Rather than involve an ISE deployment in monitor mode-only, the client changed course, requesting that GDT migrate their organization to enforcement phase. This would restrict the network to only those devices or users properly authenticated.

After a hugely successful ISE deployment, phase two is currently under consideration.