Security Deployment for Credit UnionPicking up where others have failed

A credit union serving North Texas for more than 5 decades needed to deploy a Identity Services Engine appliance. Deployment of the device had been previously attempted by another large VAR (a competitor of GDT), but the project was not successful. The customer’s infrastructure was not ideal for the ISE deployment due to old code; additional challenges with the AnyConnect Supplicant complicated the matter.

The customer wanted secure authentication for wired and wireless access. It was erroneously recommended during the initial deployment that a new Cisco Wireless Services Module (WiSM) be purchased. It was the wrong advice.

GDT picked up where the previous deployment left off, continuing with, as requested by the client, the use of the existing infrastructure. Instead of purchasing a new WiSM, GDT made minor modifications to the existing wireless infrastructure as a temporary workaround.

Although the customer initially balked at upgrading the code on their devices, we explained this strategy, got their buy-in, then deployed ISE in monitor mode at all locations. The customer then decided to move forward with code upgrades before moving to enforcement mode. GDT created a and unique policies strictly for the client’s environment.

The GDT difference

GDT has a long history of taking a “yes, we can” approach to the difficult projects that other technology integrators avoid. This approach and successful deliverables have earned us the respect of clients and partners alike. After the successful deployment of the Cisco ISE, the client rewarded GDT with additional work that included a network assessment and clean-up.