Security audit uncovers non-security issues, as wellLogistics company needed GDT’s SOC―then NOC―Managed Services

A logistics corporation that crafts customized shipping and supply chain solutions for customers domestically and internationally was required by a prospective client to execute a 3rd party IT audit before they could enter into any contractual agreements. The audit uncovered technical configuration errors and policy defects in their firewall configuration. Because of the risks associated with these policy issues, the potential client required that the customer establish an ongoing process and policy review, and to immediately implement a virtual Operations Center (SOC).

The customer didn’t have the budget, staff or expertise to deploy a virtual SOC, so they turned to the Services experts at GDT. GDT’s security analysts and engineers initially audited and analyzed the customer’s current security solution and requirements. GDT then provided information detailing where, and how, gaps existed between the two (2). The customer soon hired GDT to provide Solutions from GDT’s SOC, staffed 24x7x365, to include the threat management and monitoring of their firewalls and servers, both physical and virtual.

Comprehensive SOC and NOC Solution

Based on the work and attention to detail of GDT’s security analysts and solution architects, the customer soon turned to GDT―which strictly adheres to ITIL- and PMI-based framework methodologies―to manage their entire network, as well. By utilizing GDT’s Network Operation Center (NOC), which works in concert with its SOC, GDT now manages the customer’s entire infrastructure, including IT telephony, routers and switches. GDT’s SOC provides service desk support, the management of network incidents, equipment vendors, alerts and network changes, reporting on network capacity and product life cycle, and all Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletions (MACDs).

GDT’s Experience and Expertise Delivers Budget-Friendly Threat & Performance Management

GDT’s holistic approach to managed services provided a comprehensive view of the customer’s entire infrastructure, not just those issues uncovered by the initial audit. They analyzed performance, in addition to threat management, which allowed GDT to prescribe much more than a Band-Aid fix to their firewall issues. Their analysis also uncovered indistinct, but tell-tale, signs that predicted potential IT issues.

GDT’s two decades of experience managing the infrastructures for companies of all sizes, from small enterprise to global, multi-national corporations, provides them with a unique, empirical approach to managed services. GDT’s processes recognized that fixating on one (1) issue―in this case, firewalls―without analyzing the customer’s entire network wouldn’t provide the complete solution the customer needed.