National Wireless Provider needed a security upgrade, and fastAn outgrown security solution makes for a vulnerable customer

A wireless carrier with over 5 million customers nationwide, needed to upgrade its security and firewall solutions at two (2) data center locations and its lab and testbed facility. Their existing solution was inadequate and didn’t provide the needed capacity levels, which would soon prove perilous. Their tight timeline and requirements needed the “” approach and methodology, which takes advantage of skillsets from a variety of GDT practice teams, including project management, , , labs and , and .

Unparalleled Project Management

Staffed by professionals who have earned the most sought after and preeminent certifications in the industry, GDT’s project management team crafted and delivered, based on interviews and a thorough needs assessment with the customer, a project plan to satisfy each of their required elements. The plan included detailed information, including both high- and low-level designs, alarm and service monitoring documentation, cable run sheets, physical and logical link migration plans, and the decommissioning of their current solution.

Talented, Highly Experienced Engineers

GDT’s engineering professionals worked closely with the customer to understand their precise security and firewall needs, then recommended two (2) Firepower 9300 Security Appliances, including Nexus 7K 40G line cards, be installed at both data centers and the lab facility. In addition, (CSM) would be deployed, as well, which would enable them―from a single, centralized interface―to consistently enforce policies, troubleshoot security events, and access detailed reporting that encompassed the entire security solution.

State-of-the-Art Staging, Testing & Logistics

GDT’s , a 1.7 million cu. ft. state-of-the-art facility staffed by talented, tenured engineers, received the Cisco Firepower 9300 Security Appliances and conducted the following: 48-hour burn-in testing, quality checks, firmware updates, applicable load configurations, and the complete registration of all licensing.

Once complete, GDT’s Logistics professionals inventoried the equipment and entered it into a tracking database, which enabled the customer to view in real-time the status of each piece of equipment through a customer web portal.

Field Operations carried the ball over the goal line

GDT’s field operations technicians are located nationwide and have delivered and tested solutions for customers of all sizes, and from a variety of industries, including the government sector and service providers. Prior to installation, they performed site surveys for each location to ensure they were properly prepared, so all deployment dates would be met.

When the pre-tested and fully configured equipment arrived at each location, they were able to promptly install and test each, including the deployment, configuration and testing of the Cisco Security Managers (CSM). They then conducted the physical and logical link migrations, after which they decommissioned the customer’s existing solution.

Add together Project Management, Engineering, Staging, Testing, Logistics and Field Operations, and you get “One GDT”

When a constricted project timeline is demanded, the tight coordination of a wide variety of practices and skill sets is imperative. Ensuring they are in lock step is the only way projects of this magnitude can be completed on time, every time. And that perfectly describes the “One GDT” approach.