National Satellite Provider Turns to GDT for Cloud OptimizationLeading provider of audio & video content needed education, assessments

A national, satellite-based distributor of audio, video and interactive services was highly dissatisfied with their AWS architecture and environment. They turned to the GDT AWS practice team to help them “understand what they didn’t understand” concerning their existing AWS environment.

The client’s first order of business–

The customer reached out to GDT’s AWS Cloud experts because they suspected there were flaws in their AWS architecture. They initially turned to GDT for education about AWS and to better understand the many nuances of AWS Cloud services and its features. GDT’s education and further solidified the customer’s confidence in GDT, which resulted in their request for an assessment and a detailed report on those findings.

Assessment and Remediation Recommendations

GDT’s assessment uncovered many inefficiencies, including the existence of overlapping addresses in their IP schema, which are based on CIDR (classless inter-domain routing). This resulted in employees’ inability to connect internally, forcing them to use more expensive and exposed external IP addresses that resulted in risks and unnecessary expenditures.

GDT also uncovered security groups that had open ports, which exposed the client to network-wide breaches. GDT’s AWS Cloud solutions team also uncovered the client’s use of antiquated AWS M1 instances, which didn’t allow for optimization of their current applications and created unnecessary expenditures. GDT recommended migrating to M4 instances, a process that can be completed in a matter of minutes and will allow them to save over $100k annually. The savings will allow the client to implement more strategic AWS Cloud-related initiatives.

GDT’s AWS Cloud team to re-build infrastructure based on customer, AWS best practices

The client has hired GDT to implement a comprehensive roadmap, which includes constructing a new AWS Cloud environment from the ground up.  Ultimately, GDT’s AWS Cloud practice is helping the client enjoy―based on their IT budget―the very best AWS Cloud has to offer. As a result of GDT’s technical expertise and customer-first focus, the client is talking to the GDT AWS Cloud team to fully manage its AWS Cloud service on an on-going basis.