GDT’s Smart Net Total Care Practice – A Holistic Approach

Asset Inventory on a global scope

A leading global communications corporation that specializes in providing customized solutions and services to the oil & gas industry needed help identifying thousands of segmented assets throughout the world. They turned to GDT, one of the few network integrators that maintains a practice of highly-tenured professionals whose sole focus is on the and management of Total Care.

Due to the complexity of the customer’s infrastructure, which included the requirement that assets be segmented into four (4) regions throughout the world, its Cisco Smart Net Total Care deployment was never completed. Smart Net Total Care is a Cisco service that provides technical support, online resources, and inventory and contract management.

Network complexity meets engineering expertise

On typical Smart Net Total Care implementations, a collector is deployed in a virtual environment that the customer manages. In this case, however, the customer’s strict requirements added several layers of complexity to the installation.

GDT’s Smart Net Total Care professionals immediately commissioned a server on the customer’s behalf, then utilized an engineer in GDT’s to rebuild the network collector from scratch, including its OS. The customer also needed a virtual switch on the server, which included several virtual interfaces that could communicate with each of the four (4) segments of their network.  To add to the complexity, the customer’s strict segmentation requirements meant smaller subnets couldn’t be deployed, which required the use of huge subnets with over 16 million IP addresses on each.

GDT delivers―once again―above and beyond

GDT delivered the re-configured server to the customer operational-ready. Inventory validation and lifecycle analysis uncovered unnecessary costs the customer had incurred from paying coverage for assets that were no longer in use. Identifying these assets also mitigated network risk by identifying the -related exposures the customer didn’t know existed. GDT’s Smart Net Total Care practice professionals soon discovered assets that were critical to their desired business outcomes.

GDT accomplished what others couldn’t―a collector configured to comprehensively troubleshoot the customer’s global infrastructure and identify all assets, regardless of segmentation.

As a result of GDT’s inventory validation, lifecycle analysis and process management, the customer signed a multi-year agreement with GDT and now relies on its practice professionals to manage all network asset contracts.