Financial Technology Firm Couldn’t Find the Perfect IT ProfessionalGDT Staffing Services delivered the right professional―fast

By Richard Arneson

A financial technology firm with a national customer base found themselves in need of immediate help finding the right IT professional who could complete a months-long project in a reduced time frame. Their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions by utilizing the latest technologies to customers was greatly hampered, as their IT staff, who didn’t possess the necessary skillsets to address the project at hand, was taken off initiatives designed to help shape their company’s future.

When in-house recruiters fill positions for every department

The client’s recruiting team, which was busy finding, screening and interviewing candidates for sundry positions outside of IT, couldn’t dedicate the amount of time required―or possess the professional network needed―to find an IT professional who possessed all three (3) of their strict requirements: the perfect skill sets, immediate availability and a schedule that accommodated their six-month timeframe. And with one of the lowest unemployment rates in recent history, and an IT unemployment rate at half that, the client’s repeated attempts to find an experienced, Cisco-certified engineer who specializes in Meraki solutions made the search seem impossible.

GDT Staffing Services

The client turned to GDT’s Staffing Services professionals, who specialize in augmenting clients’ IT departments with the right professional who possesses the right skill sets, and can call on their expertise and experience for the right amount of time.

GDT’s team of staffing professionals not only seek to deliver a candidate with the right skill sets and experience, but take the time to ensure they understand and consider company culture so candidates can perfectly “blend in”. And they screen candidates to ensure they possess often-overlooked soft skills, such as time management, organization, adaptability and communications.

Combining this holistic approach with the client’s tight timeline, GDT’s Staffing Services team found not only the ideal candidate, but one who was able to start within a week of the initial interview. Because of GDT’s successful, and expeditious work, the client hired the IT professional on a full-time basis, and has turned to GDT’s Staffing Services to fill additional engineering positions within their organization.

GDT Staffing Services―utilizing more than a just a professional network

GDT’s team of staffing professionals call on the company’s 20+ years of experience delivering IT professionals who help clients enjoy operational efficiencies, reduced costs and an enhanced ability to drive key initiatives. They not only utilize a database of IT professionals with the highest certification levels in the industry, but their extensive network is segmented to match the most specific of client needs with IT professionals who can draw on years of expertise and empirical knowledge.