Custom Deployment and Equipment Depoting for Wireless ProviderAssessing needs and customizing success across 33 states

A leading provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services with more than 100 million retail connections sought a partner capable of deploying servers and process accelerators at 52 sites in 33 states. They sought out GDT to provide expert level engineering and professional services support.

Beginning with a thorough survey of the client’s system configuration and an assessment of immediate and ongoing needs, GDT engineered a strategy that enabled the fastest, most efficient installation with the least possible disruption to the client’s operations.

Delivering on double time

With 10,000 square feet, 80+ bays and 3,000 amps of DC power, the GDT lab facility played an integral role in the timely advancement of the project. GDT ordered the cabinets and associated equipment and materials necessary to house and connect the client-supplied equipment, and shared its lab facilities with them, as well.

GDT provided the client 24×7 access to the lab and space to build three to four units at a time. The equipment for each of the 52 locations was built, wired, cross-connected, configured as appropriate for the needs of its unique location, and tested. Engineers verified each unit was good to go upon receipt at the customer location.

GDT Lab accessibility allowed the successful to proceed in less than one-half the normal expected time. If not for the GDT Lab, engineers would have had to accomplish their extensive processes on-site and after hours during a four- to five-hour window. Using the GDT Lab facilities, the client avoided downtime, delays and additional expenses they would have incurred to have GDT engineers travel to each site. A single GDT installer was needed at each location for eight to ten nights.

Exceeding expectations

GDT associates have the resources and creativity to tackle challenges of all sorts. When a third-party vendor on this project was unable to satisfy the client’s need for locally depoted replacement equipment, GDT took control. We implemented a new advanced hardware services program that created equipment depots at critical sites across the country, which allowed for equipment and part availability for rapid exchange in the event of a failure. The GDT program was extended to additional third-party vendors without access to similar programs or the resources to establish similar programs of their own. Through this program, GDT continues to help ensure the client’s satisfaction and long-term business success.