Coordination, Planning and Execution―that’s “One GDT”GDT’s customer-first focus delivers―again

One (1) of the leading national, LTE-based wireless providers in the United States needed End-Of-Support (EOS) replacement of over six hundred fifty (650) Cisco network devices in five (5) separate data centers. The client’s tight timeframes, narrow installation windows, and stringent engineering and requirements required a network and systems integrator that could perfectly accommodate their needs. In addition, each piece of equipment needed to be fully staged, asset tracked and warehoused, then delivered to each location ahead of installation dates.

To meet these demands, the client needed assurance that the entire project would be engineered and overseen by professionals who could plan, coordinate and ensure all deliverables satisfied the required deadlines.

The client’s longstanding relationship and vast experience working with GDT on prior projects of this magnitude made turning to them a foregone conclusion. And, once again, GDT delivered.

Unparalleled Project Management

Prior to this or any project, GDT calls on its Project Management team, composed of some of the most talented, tenured and credentialed project managers in the industry. After meeting with the client’s multiple departments and stakeholders, GDT’s project managers immediately initiated site surveys for each location, after which they provided the client PIFs (physical installation forms) that detailed, among other elements, existing environments at each location, specific space and power requirements, cable audit results, rack face elevations and locations, and supporting photographs of the existing infrastructure. In addition, they created and entered work orders within the client’s inventory management system.

GDT project managers then created a thorough plan, which included documentation that detailed all steps involved in the decommissioning of their existing equipment. The plan set forth procedures and policies that incorporated several key GDT practices, including—in addition to Project Management—its , and Field Operations.

Labs, , Warehousing and Logistics

Located at its Innovation Campus, GDT’s 1,800,000 cu. ft. Innovation Lab and Center received the equipment, promptly entered each asset into its tracking system and provided the client with a web portal to view real-time status on each device.

GDT engineers racked and performed 72-hour burn-in testing on all equipment, then configured each, which included the loading of firmware, OS, patches and all software maintenance updates. They managed all logistical coordination and ensured each fully-tested and racked device arrived at the mandated delivery dates.

Field Operations installs, tests, migrates traffic and decommissions existing equipment

GDT’s team of field operations professionals first ensured all migration procedures were tested and validated prior to deployment, after which they swapped chassis, conducted blade replacements, and migrated all cable assemblies, ensuring they adhered to the client’s labeling scheme. GDT tested all cabling by emulating Ethernet functionality and verified speed requirements.

The client’s traffic was successfully migrated, including the reuse and testing of IP addressing schemes, integration for equipment requiring new IP addresses was completed, and proper base codes had been loaded. GDT provided to the client documentation detailing traffic migration, including any remediation of hardware and software that need to be conducted.

GDT’s Field Operations professionals decommissioned the client’s existing infrastructure and packed all equipment per their requirements, including arranging for pickup and ensuring their resale and recycling initiatives were satisfied.

Satisfying customer demands with the right skill sets

GDT’s “One GDT” approach starts and ends with a customer-first focus and is delivered by marrying industry-leading IT experts and technologies, from project managers and engineers, to field operations professionals and security analysts. As a result, GDT customers enjoy innovative solutions that help them drive key business initiatives and realize their digital transformation goals.