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Imparting tools for expansion

A leading provider of performance improvement services “with $26+ billion net revenue and over 13,000 employees spread over more than 45 states” needed a healthier infrastructure to support its core business and increase employee . Increasing system redundancies was a core priority of the project. In addition, they had a need to replace failing PBXs and end-of-line equipment at 10 different sites, which included both data center locations.

Like other successful companies, the client started out small and expanded rapidly to meet market demand. They needed more robust systems and to support their growing employee count and customer base. The cost, as is common in the healthcare industry, was a big concern for the client.

Many systems on the market provide low cost “dial-tone” that meets the basic needs of an enterprise telephony system. However, as this client learned – and as GDT espouses – the best approach involves the up-front consideration and prioritization of long-term business goals in the selection of the right infrastructure.

After combing the market for a solution, the client turned down multiple, prominent competitors and chose GDT and its collaboration team to deploy a Unified Communication strategy. As deployed by the GDT Team, the UC solution facilitates necessary changes while allowing continued growth and providing new features that will bolster the future of the client’s business.

Seamless migration

It takes a great deal of skill and planning to replace an enterprise-wide system with little, to no, customer impact. GDT has teams of solution architects, engineers, project managers and installers with extensive experience and proven track records designing, building, and deploying large-scale Cisco UC networks, especially in the healthcare industry.

GDT not only migrated legacy PBX’s to the new Cisco UC applications at remote sites, but also relocated enterprise servers from traditional on-premises locations to a new, redundant data-center model. This approach gave the client the ability to maintain constant up-time on the voice infrastructure, as well as the ability to grow physically without the need to immediately upgrade their UC applications.

GDT, due to its unique approach to handset deployment, performed a large phone migration with little to no impact to the business.

Here’s how GDT does it:  We identify each individual device before the customer sees it, allowing for the careful inspection of each phone and ensuring the correct placement prior to a cutover. Pre-identification drastically reduces client frustration and facilitates a greater first impression of the new technology. This benefits the client by allowing for greater technological use and enhanced enjoyment for the life of the product.

Protecting the long-term investment

After the success of the UC deployment, the client  chose to utilize GDT Advanced Solutions for and support for all voice and UC applications.