Business Growth Dreams, Network Growth NightmaresNational Aviation Company turns to GDT to examine and fix issues related to rapid network growth

A national aviation company that provides business and personal travel services at sixty (60) locations from coast to coast needed immediate help with an IT infrastructure that had rapidly grown due to several acquisitions and mergers. The company’s small IT department―along with an IT consultant they’d hired―soon found that the expanded IT infrastructure was too unwieldy to understand, monitor and manage. They called on GDT and its team of highly-tenured IT engineers and architects, who provide to a wide range of customers, from mid-sized and Fortune 100, to service providers―regional and national―and the public sector.

The customer was faced with several challenges, one of which involved a small IT consulting firm they’d hired to analyze their current architecture, then provide strategies that addressed the IT demands that had been created from the rapid expansion. The customer soon discovered that their disparate systems and additional assets proved too much for their IT staff and the consultant.

GDT’s time-honored, managed services approach helps answer and address questions

GDT’s managed services experts immediately deployed their holistic approach, first conducting fact-finding interviews with the customer’s IT staff, then creating a strategy to address the sundry issues created by its rapid expansion. GDT proposed a strategic roadmap that utilized its state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (), which is manned 24x7x365 with over 150 engineers who maintain the highest certification levels in the IT industry.

The customer road-tested GDT’s managed services team with a project to monitor and manage their network-wide Meraki , which spanned all sixty (60) customer locations. After quickly gaining the confidence of the customer’s senior management and IT staff, GDT was hired to address additional pain points, such as their inability to develop and maintain a configuration management database (CMDB) to warehouse data collected from equipment and services installations.

GDT’s NOC and address network performance and threats

The customer soon hired GDT to address several other challenges, as well, such as those related to incident and change management, whether considered emergency or non-standard. GDT’s engineers fine-tuned their device count―routers, switches, hubs and telephony equipment―which had grown exponentially.

Due to GDT’s customer-first focus and its ability to consistently develop and deploy innovative IT and managed services solutions, the customer has secured GDT’s (SOC) to manage threat management. GDT will be monitoring and managing network threats for the customer and protecting it against DDoS attacks, Trojans, malware, ransomware, and the seemingly endless list of -related issues.