AWS Cloud Assessment Uncovers Best Practices ConcernsGDT’s AWS Cloud experts help customer realize their cloud vision

An entertainment corporation that distributes interactive television and audio programming to over 10 million subscribers nationwide, suspected their prior AWS migration, conducted in-house by their IT staff, wasn’t implemented to deliver the results they had hoped it would accomplish. They turned to GDT’s AWS experts to conduct an assessment and determine the level at which their migration had been implemented and optimized.

GDT’s practice, consisting of experienced solutions architects and cloud engineers, examined the customer’s cloud environment, which included interviews with IT personnel and individuals from affected business units. GDT delivered a comprehensive optimization assessment that uncovered cloud elements that generated over $400K of unnecessary costs and exposed their network to major breaches.

Unnecessary Costs

GDT’s AWS Cloud team uncovered on-going costs incurred due to resources that were unused or underutilized. Resources that weren’t right-sized added to the unnecessary expenditures, and added costs were incurred, as well, with the use of out-of-date AWS resources.

Security Exposures

The customer’s AWS Cloud migration, which included multiple AWS accounts, had left them widely exposed to security threats. Critical data, maintained in AWS S3 buckets, was both unencrypted and accessible to users outside their corporate network. Also, the customer was utilizing open security groups, which exposed them to malicious activities, such as DDoS and brute-force attacks. And subnet groups hadn’t been specified, which provided a public DNS name for their RDS instances that resolved to a public IP address.

Failure to meet Best Practices

GDT’s assessment brought to light the customer’s lack of understanding of AWS Cloud best practices. For instance, AWS Config was not being enabled in certain AWS data center regions, which prevented resource inventory, configuration history and configuration change notifications. Also, AWS CloudTrail, which provides users with API call history, wasn’t enabled in all regions, as well.

Delivering the AWS Cloud benefits the customer had imagined

The GDT AWS Cloud professionals provided the customer exactly what they’d wanted in the first place―the satisfaction that comes once cloud visions are realized. Data was encrypted and made available only on private subnets, and is now accessible only through AWS Cloud or a corporate VPN. The customer now closely follows best practices of both GDT’s Cloud professionals and AWS, and has policies in place to ensure they are followed in the future. And the customer, thanks to GDT’s AWS Cloud Optimization Assessment, now has an additional $400K in their IT budget.