Cisco Smart Net Total Care (SNTC)

Precise coverage and white-gloved service

GDT provides customers the best possible Cisco Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) experience and hands on help 12 months a year.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care (formerly SMARTnet) is a multi-faceted service that, while seeming straightforward, requires specific knowledge and specific action. The coverage is an integral component in cost containment and risk mitigation in a network environment. Maintaining adequate coverage requires you either assign staff to the accurate maintenance of the coverage or partner with a vendor with intimate understanding of and dedication to the day to day management of this dynamic environment.

The GDT Smart Net Total Care team is comprised of the most knowledgeable and well-respected veterans in the industry. Our team is fluent in the language of Cisco and Cisco TAC.

GDT is a Cisco Gold Partner and winner of Cisco Enterprise Partner of the Year on a number of occasions. Our Gold relationship, and highest levels of certification, allow us to help you smoothly navigate the Cisco Smart Net Total Care landscape, whether or not your equipment was purchased through GDT.

GDT is revolutionizing Cisco Smart Net Total Care with two effective and efficient approaches.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care from GDT for Peace of Mind, Protection, and Service

The white-gloved approach

GDT  provides a white-gloved experience that is heads above and beyond that of any other provider. GDT dedicates a team solely to the Smart Net Total Care experience and that team understands the services ins and outs — its simplicity, its eccentricities — and helps ensure that you have the best possible experience.

GDT engages with our Smart Net Total Care clients twelve months a year, managing contracts over their lifespan, standing beside you through any TAC entitlement issues, and monitoring to help the most effective coverage.

  • One contract per service level is maintained and smaller one-off contracts are avoided.
  • Site IDs are updated when equipment is relocated or showing an incorrect address.
  • TAC cases are opened efficiently by maintaining the proper CCO and Site IDs.
  • Access to TAC is available to the correct individuals via the management of CCO IDs.

Asset collection

The most comprehensive and accurate method of Cisco asset tracking is enabled by the installation of physical or virtual Cisco SNTC collection devices. GDT engineers can install these devices as needed throughout your network and integrate the collected information into its customer portal, GDT Clearview. Collected information includes IP address, system name, contract and product numbers, as well as operating system, security, financial and contractual data. Analysis of this collected information allows the most informed decisions on vulnerability, lifecycle, renewal, and other issues.

Clearview Asset Life Cycle Management

GDT Clearview asset/lifecycle management

The GDT asset management tool, Clearview, integrates asset information from a variety of unique sources that include Cisco Service Contract Center, the Cisco repository for all Cisco devices having Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) coverage. At the fingertips of the customer and in the hands of the expert GDT Asset Management Team, the cumulative information through a single pane of glass is an integral component in cost containment and risk mitigation in your network environment and for your business.

Clearview lets you monitor your Cisco assets, ON or OFF contract, and keep your SNTC contracts up-to-date with the most current information.

  • Import assets from spreadsheets.
  • Add, change, export information and create reports on all Cisco and non-Cisco assets.
  • Submit a ticket request that your GDT Asset Management Team make a change for you.
  • Gain insight into the location and status of your assets
  • Simplify your smart asset/lifecycle management strategy.

Managed services integration

GDT also integrates elements of Cisco Smart Net Total Care into its managed services offerings EDGE+, INSITE+, and INSITE PRO+.

In these offerings, GDT provides for the maintenance of installed base and service contracts as well as the install and management of a collecting device which gathers information from devices throughout a customer’s network. Collected information can be analyzed and informed decisions made on vulnerability, lifecycle, renewal, and other issues.

With INSITE+ and INSITE PRO+, a smartphone app can be used by the customer to monitor their network and device status in real time.

With EDGE+, INSITE+, or INSITE PRO+, there is no need for the customer to purchase an additional manufacturer warranty.

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