Software Lifecycle & Adoption ManagementTransforming the way customers consume, operate and realize value from technology

GDT’s Software Lifecycle and Adoption Management (SLAM) professionals expertly escort customers on a comprehensive, software lifecycle journey, which includes the following:

Discover―GDT’s SLAM professionals ensure they fully understand the customer’s desired business outcomes. They conduct fact-finding interviews and engage key stakeholders to discover, and uncover, any adoption barriers.

Embed―An action plan is created to help align technology feature sets to impacted business processes, and ensure end-user awareness is driven by a well-defined communication plan.

Educate―Knowledge transfers and training plans can be created to further drive technology adoption.

Monitor―GDT can keep a watchful eye on the successful adoption of your new technology, including consumption compliance, coterminous software contract opportunities and proactive renewal activities.

Turn to the experts―enjoy the benefits

GDT SLAM customers get the most from their software purchases and deployments. They understand when, how, or if software is being utilized, and enjoy the many benefits that result from having a comprehensive software lifecycle and adoption management strategy, including:

  • A well-defined and monitored plan with the Customer Experience in mind
  • Key product features aligned to business processes
  • Discovery and mitigation of adoption barriers
  • Ongoing monitoring of software consumption compliance
  • Quantitative and qualitative KPI metrics development
  • Proactive renewal support
  • Training sessions and adoption workshops for software applications
  • Vendor tool support for license management

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