Managed Services Customer Portal

The GDT Portal provides our customers a secure, web-based, unified platform with 24x7x365 visual access to cause and effect through real-time, reports, and statistics. Our comprehensive coverage, robust reports and configurable dashboards let you keep an eye on system performance and respond quickly to real issues, and they also provide actionable insights through root cause analysis that allows you to be proactive.

The GDT Managed Services portal accesses your and traditional environments, pulling performance information from your networks and hardware as well as from your virtualized systems and your applications. The portal is scalable and customizable to present the information you need from the GDT Managed Services options you choose by industry standard, ITIL category or in a manner you define.

  • Quality of service (QoS) reports provide historical reporting of any metric collected through the end user response monitoring. These reports reveal historical response time performance or availability data over a number of periods. Report are based on a range of intervals, including the last 24 hours, last week, last month, prior weeks, prior months and prior quarters.
  • Service level agreement (SLA) reports offer graphical and text-based representations of response time performance contrasted against service level commitments. SLA periods may be defined in day, week or month increments. Alerts are generated when existing performance trends suggest that response time commitments will not be met.

Our portal presents a holistic solution view of your networks, servers, and store hardware, virtualized systems and applications. The portal helps gets at the cause of specific events and provides meaningful data and accurate reporting histories.

The Alarm Console presents a comprehensive list of alarms and alerts that can be sorted for viewing by severity, host node, message, day and time received, and subsystem.

A Unified Dashboard is fully-customizable to contain quick views on relevant items such as current server performance, server disk space usage, service load averages, and top process reporting.

Reports are templated by our engineers and can be augmented to provide the information you need as you want to see it.

The information pulled from your systems is available within mere minutes and is retained according to industry standards or based on audit and compliance standards unique to your industry or business.

Our monitoring and altering capabilities fully-integrate with ticketing as per ITIL standards and sends notifications of Severe Events at the Level 1 or 2 to NOC engineers for remediation and resolution.

Monitoring includes:

  • Interface or port status
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Interface operational status
  • “Dead” lines (no traffic)
  • Discarded packets
  • Error packets
  • Queue length
  • Average traffic in and out
  • Average errors in and out
  • Routing tables and table queries
  • SNMP MIB object query
  • Interface auto discovery
  • “Profile-based” poll and alarm definition
  • Customizable alert messages

During quarterly reviews, we provide feedback and discussion on trends and challenges and offer strategies to improve your operations.

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