Digital Labor & AutonomicsIf you can whiteboard it, we can automate it

From managing and resolving your IT tickets to improving your order-to-revenue cycles and service activation flows, GDT provides end-to-end autonomics services to transform your IT operations. Automating business process can eliminate human intervention and drastically reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and the staffing costs associated with managing tedious, repetitive tasks.

Autonomics technology learns by watching your skilled engineers and technicians solve problems in the environment. As a result, end-to-end processes are automated, eliminating the individual time-consuming tasks that can bog down IT operations.

Your automated workforce

As systems and process become more complex, the efficiency of human labor quickly falls behind. Digital labor can alleviate growing IT strain as your employees struggle to keep up with growing demand and labor intensive, repetitive tasks.

Human Cost is the most expensive aspect of every growing IT group. Instead of adding offshore and low skilled workers, harness the power of autonomics to:

  • Continuously evolve and improve processes and performance
  • Improve reliability when performing routine functions
  • Control costs with 30% reduction over offshore employees
  • Free staff to focus on strategic initiatives and planning

Meaningful outcomes with real results

GDT specializes in complex process autonomics and has helped customers realized significant outcomes. Digital labor can help you respond faster and with greater reliability while reducing staffing costs and administrative strain. We help our customers achieve:

  • 60% reduction in MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution)
  • 56% of incidents resolved without any human interaction
  • 30-35% reduction in cost
  • Consolidated framework and toolset for single-touch management

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