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solutions with turnkey install base validation

Customers with Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) contracts know how important the service is to keeping your systems and software running smoothly, but proper install base validation is a critical issue. Contract spend and coverage should be aligned properly, but accurate install base info is a necessity. Unfortunately, incorrect data is often used to quote and apply coverage, meaning critical assets aren’t covered, or extra-coverage is applied to low-value assets driving up costs.

Every Smartnet Total Care customer has access to ’s Virtual CSPC Collector. This virtual appliance can be installed on any available virtual machine on your network and collects data about your active install base. This helps your GDT Smart Net Team provide the right coverage for your network, balancing coverage and costs for a custom-tailored solution. Our Smartnet support service team manages this data and makes it available to you through our secure Smartnet portal Clearview.

Most customers are aware of the Cisco CSPC Collector, but few are implementing the virtual appliance to its full capability. When managing your Smartnet Total Care coverage through GDT, your CSPC Collector can be professionally installed and configured by our engineering team at no extra charge. GDT provides this service as an added value to our customers at no extra charge because of how important accurate install base information is to the success of your Smart Net Total Care .

A properly installed collector discovers network devices in the environment down to the component level, ensuring accurate install base data. It also tracks valuable information on IOS versions, configuration details, available updates, patches, and more. GDT uses this data to help customers right-size their coverage and provide a complete lifecycle management solution.

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Deployment Overview

A standard timeline for deployment is 28 days for up to 10,000 Cisco devices.  Project timelines can be reduced or extended based on the Customers network, number of devices, and access availability to the GDT Smartnet Total Care Engineer.  The Cisco CSPC Collector is deployed in your virtual environment using an OVA.  GDT will apply for entitlement and then deploy and configure the collector in your environment.  Once the collector is deployed, it is a 4-step process to discover the data from your devices and process to the online portal.

  1. Device Discovery
  • CSPC is enabled and configured for device collection
  • Discovery available via known IPs, IP Ranges, or other Protocol
  1. Data Collection
  • CSPC collects data from customer’s previously discovered Cisco devices
  • SNMP v1, v2c and/or v3
  • SSH / Telnet CLI credentials
  1. Data Upload
  • CSPC bundles, encrypts, and transports data to Cisco’s Data Center
  1. Data Processing
  • Processed data is visible on Cisco’s SNTC Portal where customers can view data and run reports

*Each of the above-mentioned processes is supported by Cisco .


Security Measures

GDT only has access to the collector based on credentials that you provide. You authorize GDT to access collector data for Smartnet Total Care management. Likewise, Cisco cannot access collector data unless authorized by you. All collected data is sent over secured HTTPS or SSL connections using AES 128-bit encryption. Data is segmented per individual user profiles, ensuring compartmentalization of all sensitive data to appropriate parties. Please let us know if you would like to be contacted by an account manager.

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