GDT Clearview ServiceOne tool, a multitude of vendors and assets

Proactive asset management and protection

Intelligent asset management depends on robust, automated processes and tools. Collecting an inventory of available cross-vendor assets from the multitude of vendors across your network and integrating that inventory with financial and contractual data into a single repository allows your organization to proactively make best use of physical assets over their lifetime.

The GDT vendor-agnostic asset management tool, Clearview, integrates asset information from a variety of unique sources that include customer-supplied data and manufacturer-provided data such as Service Contract Center, the repository for all devices having Total Care (SNTC) coverage.

At your fingertips and in the hands of the expert GDT Asset Management Team, the cumulative information through a single pane of glass sets a firm foundation of cost containment and risk mitigation that enables the successful growth of your network and your business.


Clearview Benefits

  • Improved accuracy
  • Solidified entitlement
  • Lifecycle predictability
  • Investment protection
  • Replacement strategies
  • Customizable access
  • Automated ticketing
  • Advanced reporting
  • Data history & recovery

Asset purchase, and protection

GDT and our robust partner network makes it easier for your IT staff to choose and maintain your critical hardware and software assets. GDT is an award-winning, technology partner and Cisco Gold Partner. We not only specialize in designing, building, and delivering best-of-breed technology solutions. Our team and tools help you keep an eye on your critical assets, regardless of manufacturer, with or without the manufacturer’s asset protection coverage, enabling you to optimize your budget and optimally do business.

A clear view of your assets

GDT Clearview helps ensure you have no-surprise asset coverage that improves predictability and helps you budget for hardware refresh. Our -based asset management portal assists you in choosing, managing, developing a strategy, and maintaining the contract coverage that fits your unique needs. Monthly, weekly, or daily, you decide the frequency with which you record acquisitions, upgrades, moves and dispositions in order to maintain compliance or boost your lifecycle management efficiency.

  • Service level optimization
  • Contract consolidation
  • Movement between contracts
  • Removal from contract
  • Review of warranties
  • RMA serial number replacements
  • Replacement and sparing strategies
  • Detailed, customizable asset view popup
  • Asset map popup
  • Quick view of assets Eol, contracts expired

Comprehensive and vendor-agnostic

Regardless of manufacturer, regardless of vendor who sold you the asset, and regardless whether the asset has service protection coverage or not, Clearview lets you maintain the most comprehensive list of your hardware and software assets.

  • Manage assets using more than 50 fields—the manufacturer name, product number, serial number, location, warranty type, coverage beginning and end dates, and more.
  • Apply notes or custom meta tags to group and find your data as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Add or change Clearview asset records one asset at a time or affect numerous records simultaneously.
  • Certain changes made in Clearview are automatically validated by the GDT Asset Management Team, synchronized with the manufacturer’s records, and when necessary, result in a quote for your approval.
  • The ticket system can be used for such things as requesting address or coverage changes, decommissioning hardware, maintaining communications with GDT, and maintaining ticket history.

Complete client control

You decide your asset dashboard layout and you control the level of access you give to those within your organization.

  • Certain users can view information only.
  • Other users can view information and request changes via Clearview’s ticketing system.
  • Still others can submit tickets, make changes, or even have full administrative controls.

Import, search, export, report

Data can be imported to Clearview and exported from Clearview via spreadsheet. You can search by keyword, across all fields or a combination of fields, and view the results in custom reports. An asset map provides a concise visual of your assets’ locations. Click on a location thumbtack and see the exact address and the number of assets at the location. Bar charts and tables provide:

  • Address, city, state, contract type or contract number.
  • Contract end date (including contract end quarter).
  • End of service date.

GDT and Cisco Smart Net Total Care

Clearview in the hands of the knowledgeable GDT Asset Management Team is the perfect tool. The GDT team is especially fluent in the language of Cisco and Cisco TAC and is empowered by both the GDT Cisco Gold partnership and the master certifications of the GDT team of engineers and architects. The team engages with you, helps you managing coverage over contract lifespan, stands beside you through entitlement issues, and helps ensure your success twelve months a year.

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