Physical SecurityBridging the gap between physical and digital assets

Even the best cyber systems are ineffective in the physical realm. If you have a strong cyber posture, you know that it is only as good as your ability to protect the physical assets and prevent unauthorized access and behaviors by individuals. For this reason, we see physical as the logical extension of a robust cyber posture.

Typical solutions are often a challenge to manage due primarily to the piecemeal nature of these systems which require dedicated infrastructure and specialty products from many different vendors. Specialty security products do not integrate well and can require extensive customization. In the end, you are stuck with a proprietary system that is costly to maintain and doesn’t scale well.

Our approach is unique in that we consider all aspects of securing your environment with a holistic solution including both virtual and physical assets. Our system collects intelligence from multiple sources including audio, video, access control data, and cyber security platforms to perform threat assessment through a single point of management.

Our comprehensive physical security solution includes high definition IP camera technology, audio feedback, access control, visitor management, badging and credentialing, biometric identification, and emergency services . We deploy video surveillance to any location including remote and rugged environments. Our camera platform captures video with meta data used for intelligent tracking and facial recognition.

We secure facilities with a security approach supporting access management and both time-based, and access-level restrictions. As expert integrators, we systems to work seamlessly within your environment and can incorporate emergent technologies like IoT devices, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence, all of which serve to enhance the security posture. All of our deployments can be -enabled to provide anywhere-management and to store security sensor data. Our arm provides end-to-end solutions for a complete solution.

As a leading international IT solutions provider, we understand the complexity of multi-vendor environments. We have extensive experience building next-generation networks that extend the legacy infrastructure to enable new insights and security.