Physical SecurityBridging the gap between physical and digital assets

Even the best cybersecurity systems are ineffective if physical assets are in jeopardy. At GDT, we view as a logical extension of a robust cybersecurity posture.

Often physical solutions are the result of piecemeal fixes and preventative measures that require specialty products from a variety of vendors. It’s not uncommon for these products to integrate poorly, which requires laborious, time-intensive management and extensive customization. In the end, you are stuck with a proprietary system that is costly and scales poorly, if at all.

GDT’s approach to physical security provides customers with a highly customized solution that addresses all aspects required to thoroughly secure your environment, whether virtual or physical. Our system collects intelligence from multiple sources, including audio, video, access control data, and cybersecurity platforms to perform threat assessments through a single point of management.

GDT’s comprehensive physical security solutions include high definition IP camera technology, audio feedback, access control, visitor management, badging and credentialing, biometric identification and with emergency services. We deploy video surveillance to any endpoint, regardless of location, topology or terrain. GDT’s camera platform captures video and meta data, which can be used for intelligent tracking and facial recognition.

GDT’s physical security professionals secure customers’ facilities with a security approach that supports a wide array of access management solutions. As expert integrators, we draw on years of experience to systems that work seamlessly with customers’ current environments, and can incorporate emergent technologies, including IoT, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence, all of which are fully supported by their new and greatly enhanced security posture.