Infrastructure SecurityKeep your network and your data secure

It’s vitally important to stay well ahead of the malicious perpetrators responsible for cyber attacks that globally result in losses totally over $5 trillion annually. While a robust posture must detect threats and prevent intrusion, reducing your organization’s attack surface is far more than just deploying the right technology(ies).

Our threat management approach is to a security environment that integrates strategies for awareness, readiness, defense, and threat response, as well as analytics and reporting. We provide a reference architecture that demonstrates the capabilities of sensor data, threat analysis, real-time feeds, and network access tools in a multi-vendor environment to help our customers evaluate security solutions.

Through our proprietary security framework, we help organizations secure devices and defend against threats by detecting abnormalities with analytics and automating mitigation processes. Our systems are built to comply with specific industry standards, such as, for example, HIPAA, PCI and NIST.

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