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Helping organizations understand their entire attack surface and protect against looming cyber threats.

It is this ethos which is at the core of GDT’s Security Solutions.  GDT takes a modern cybersecurity mesh approach designed for the distributed enterprise – allowing security to be extended confidently where it is most needed.  The C-suite and Boards of our customers are increasingly security aware and savvy raising the expectations on the CISO; increased scrutiny, higher expectations, demanding more support and at times with fewer resources.


To address these demands, one key approach that GDT pursues is vendor consolidation.  The facts are clear, 78% of CISO’s have 16 or more tools in use and 12% have 46 or more.  This increases complexity, operational cost, and inefficiency.  More than 80% of our customers execute against such a strategy.

With the exponential growth of remote workers, IoT devices and cloud applications, it’s no wonder organizations worldwide have lost over $2 trillion due to cyber-attacks.  A robust Identify First security model, while not new, it is well suited to the new realities of hybrid work and hybrid cloud.  Credentials are a key focus area for hackers and Nation-state attackers.  This carries over to machine identities and applications and requires a holistic approach to identity management.  When combined with remote work with approximately 64% of employees able to work from home, an assessment of policies and tools is essential.  Few organizations have the needed skill sets on staff or bandwidth to design and implement a comprehensive security strategy. 

Staying Ahead of the Game

What works to defend against cyber threats today may not work tomorrow, which is precisely why GDT works closely with leaders in IT security, such as Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler, HPE and others. By combining best-of-breed security solutions, internal security experts, and consultative services, GDT customers benefit.  They benefit from improved risk identification and ownership, a simplified cybersecurity mesh architecture and operating model.  GDT enables customers to safeguard their organizations, defend against attackers and allows businesses to focus on secure business outcomes.

Machine Learning enters the security cat and mouse game

GDT’s multi-layered strategy helps us deploy unique approaches that specifically address each threat vector, using machine learning and automation to detect:

  • Suspicious behaviors,
  • Anomalies related to files and data, and
  • Malicious software before it can be executed.
GDT’s security experts know that building a better mouse trap needs to be a proactive, not reactive, venture.

Can you afford to risk turning to anyone but GDT?

We craft and execute innovative security strategies, including:

  • Design and implementation of needed algorithms
  • Process isolation
  • Sandboxing to test unverified programs and applications
  • Seamless integration with threat intelligence

GDT’s solutions engineers and security analysts manage, monitor and protect IT infrastructures of all sizes, including those for some of the most notable enterprises, service providers, healthcare organizations and government agencies in the world.

GDT's security experts once again safeguard a customer's network from impending disaster

GDT works with premier partner Palo Alto Networks to deliver the perfect solution from their arsenal of security services.

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GDT’s security experts deploy approaches that specifically address each threat vector, and utilize Machine Learning to detect suspicious behaviors, file anomalies, and malicious software before it can be executed.

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