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Designing and deploying networks to better position our customers for the future

Today’s IT professional are tasked with more challenges than ever, with responsibilities extending well beyond the simple WANs and LANs of yesteryear. They’re now expected to make their organizations more competitive, help bring products to market faster, and shape the future of their organization. It’s a daunting task, as mobility solutions, IoT, software-defined networking, DevOps, virtualization, and automation, to name a few, are now the norm. And, with customers’ attack surfaces expanding by the minute, new technologies have to be designed and deployed with a discerning eye on network security. Those are just a few of the many reasons why more and more enterprises, service providers, healthcare organizations and government agencies are turning to GDT.

Solutions that move at the speed of business

GDT’s enterprise networking experts are widely known for delivering a wide array of cutting-edge, innovative solutions with our key strategic partners.

A collection of systems, network devices, access points, platforms and applications, all working in harmony

GDT’s solutions architects and engineers orchestrate the vast array of network assets, platforms and technologies that comprise an enterprise network into a single, cohesive backbone that can support the largest and most complex of organizations.

Listening first helps deliver the perfect solution later

  • Identify the data requirements  unique to departments, locations and users
  • Eliminate inefficient resource siloes, such as those for compute, network and storage
  • Analyze existing resources and integrate them, as needed
  • Define policies and standards from which to make future networking decisions
  • Identify all security requirements and ensure all assets, data and information are protected
  • Help IT organizations justify changes to upper management
  • Consolidate and centralize resources
  • Analyze and reduce, when needed, physical servers through virtualization or functional redundancies
  • Implement file storage solutions that consolidate hard-to-manage centralize storage and consolidate files
  • Design a common directory service to more effectively manage authentication

The "One GDT" approach addresses the needs of customers with a laser-focus on delivering the right technology

GDT’s Managed Services professionals helped one of the country’s largest wireless voice and data providers reduce their high IT and engineering attrition rates and deliver what the client’s internal customers had needed for years—immediate answers and expedient fixes related to IT and technical support issues.

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Today’s IT professionals are required to do more than ever, which is why more and more enterprises, service providers, healthcare organizations and government agencies are turning to the enterprise networking professionals at GDT.

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GDT is refreshing infrastructures and helping organizations stay competitive