Software Defined Networking (SDN)Providing centralized management and simplified deployment

continues to undergo rapid change regarding architectures and methodologies. SDN, through its Control and Data Plan separation, allows for much easier and management of Local Area Networks (LANs). Like SD-WAN, which provides for WANs what SDN does for LANs, the Control Plane, which directs traffic, is imbedded in software and enables management and policy setting from a single, central location.

GDT’s SDN solutions provide improved manageability, accelerate service delivery and reduce operating and capital expenditures. Through Network Function (NFV), GDT configures SDN solutions for customers that can be configured and programmed through software that was once held in closed, proprietary systems. And SDN allows organizations to quickly and easily (and without disruption) adapt to ever-changing , and networking needs.

Our (SDN) solutions accelerate business outcomes through the of the latest tools and methodologies. We and deploy carrier-class, commercial-grade networks ideal for enterprises of all sizes, data centers, service providers and government agencies.

Our expert architects are thought leaders in the SDN space - contributing to open-source projects