NetworkingImprove connectivity to branch offices, services, and applications

We are in the midst of an unprecedented shift within the world of brought on by emergent, transformative technologies like the Software Defined and the . These changes allow us to more easily manage devices on the network and at the edge, ushering in a new era in network architecture, , and management.

For our customers, increasing complexity creates a challenging environment that must be met with a cohesive strategy for more connectivity and flexibility. With our approach, customers can harness these technologies to drive successful business objectives. The GDT approach to complex networking projects takes a holistic stance incorporating enterprise needs, campus and branch structures, advanced routing and switching, software-defined fabric, and technologies to unify and simplify the IT investment.

Our designs represent best-of-breed, multi-vendor solutions utilizing cutting-edge methodologies that are validated and tested from within our Advanced Staging Center (ASC) at the GDT Innovation Campus where our customers receive in-depth technology briefings in a collaborative environment. Our delivery model ensures that complex solutions are properly planned and deployed to meet business as well as technology goals.

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