MobilityGet everything you need, right where you are

There is no shortage of IoT devices available to you, your employees, and your customers. Currently, there are over 25 million devices in use and, on average, we use four (4) separate devices each day to connect, whether personally or professionally, to the world around us. This surge of has been enhanced due to forward-thinking BYOD policies, which, while they have enabled more flexibility and responsiveness, have presented unique challenges to organizations’ IT operations.

GDT helps organizations manage the thousands of devices that access their networks on a regular basis. We specialize in advanced wireless network deployments and custom application development. Our solutions enable businesses to improve workplace productivity and the customer’s experience.

To develop a custom mobility solution, we leverage our Innovation Lab & Center, which allows our clients to benefit from an open lab environment and demonstrations that provide proof-of-value for our full array of technical solutions. Our next-generation mobility platform delivers real-time location and usage analytics, including best-of-breed branch WiFi connectivity. Our end-to-end approach helps technology leaders realize their business goals through a comprehensive strategy.