IOT/Smart-X EdgeSmart connected technologies provide analytics and insight

(IoT) technologies have moved well beyond the hype phase and are quickly emerging as a disruptive force for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Organizations are beginning to take advantage of the insights and analytics generated from smart-connected devices and sensors.

Taking a holistic approach to IoT deployments is key, but most organizations rush to implement new technology before fully understanding the desired business outcomes or what it means to their infrastructure’s architecture.

Deploying SmartX Edge, which is GDT’s IoT framework, starts with . We work with you from the initial stages to develop a strategy and define the desired business outcomes and ensure they will be perfectly supported by your infrastructure. Through collaborative strategy sessions, we develop a plan to , build, deliver, and manage your IoT solution.

As an international, multi-vendor IT solutions provider, we bring a deep bench of top talent and intellectual capital to the table. Our expert and tenured solutions architects and engineers hold some of the industry’s highest certifications, and are intimately involved in the development of next-generation standards for smart-connected environments.

We specialize in simplifying the complexity of integrating sensors and smart devices with the data center, big data analytics, and custom application development. GDT’s IoT customers gain access to a world-class technology solutions lab and our center, so solutions can be validated and tested for proof-of-value. Our extend customers’ capabilities to provide a complete, turnkey solution with active management and monitoring, including -based backup, recovery, and advanced process automation from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center in Dallas, TX.