Power and CoolingCritical components for a cost-effective data operation

As organizations’ data operations grow, power consumption can become a top concern. Costs associated with cooling requirements and the power needed to maintain a stable environment can quickly skyrocket if not properly managed.

Whether you are building a new data center or retrofitting an existing facility, we provide an end-to-end solutions with turnkey delivery. Our solutions offer cutting-edge performance from a system designed to reduce footprint and costs while simplifying management.

Our expert architects and engineers use proprietary heat signature tools to calculate the exact cooling requirements for your facility based on the equipment used. Power requirements are similarly assessed and can be extended beyond the data center to provide one comprehensive conditioned power solution for your entire facility.

All of our solutions feature a single-pane-of-glass management dashboard that integrates both power and cooling so you can see which equipment is consuming the most power and emitting the most heat. Our modern approach eliminates outdated crack units and the costly repairs necessary when these units break down.

Our designs are fully fire suppressed, and utilize hot aisle containment and the latest row coolers to deliver a cost-effective solution that reduces footprint and allows for remote -based management from a single dashboard.