Data Center ModernizationConverge and consolidate for reduced costs and better performance

Every data center seeks to maximize computing capabilities while meeting business needs with a measurable return on the technology investment. Too often, an organization’s lack of strategy can lead to parallel infrastructures serving single functions. This equates to low utilization and ultimately wasted investment. Companies sometimes resort to ad hoc parallel infrastructures because unified data strategies are complicated and require specialized skillsets that are not often available within a typical IT organization.

As an elite-level data center builder, we maintain a deep bench of resources around server, , , , and business connectivity. We optimize for availability and provide for unified management. Our approach avoids many common pitfalls of expensive data facility designs resulting in poor performance and user complaints about lack of service availability.

Organizations are faced with increasing pressure to justify the IT investment and high total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing a measurable return on investment. We empower customers with the business case for our solutions which are designed by top architects as holistic solutions integrating storage, , virtualization, backup, recovery, and . We leverage strong partnerships with leading It firms such as , Dell/EMC, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM, APC, SAP and others to provide best-of-breed multi-vendor data center solutions.