ComputeFaster and more scalable than ever

Leading organizations understand the need for agility in the to drive innovation, customer demand, and to remain flexible while technology requirements change. Unfortunately, the agility required can’t be achieved with outdated skillsets and methodologies for servers, , and . With the ever-growing demand for new services and efficiency, the approach must be robust and scalable.

Within the data center, automation is the key driver behind productivity and efficiency, and accelerates the return on technology investment. At the core of our approach to data center is a focus on abstraction and automation to deliver best-of-breed solutions.

With the goal of producing specific business outcomes, we blueprint model architectures to form a foundation, incorporating requirements for upstream application availability. The result is a holistic data center utilizing abstraction through software-defined architectures like SD-Storage and SD-Infrastructure as well as extensive automation of the provisioning and lifecycle processes.

To support shifting consumption models, we also offer many -based options such as storage-as-a-service and compute-as-a-service, which can reposition the IT investment toward an OPEX model that eliminates the need for massive upfront investment.