Harnessing the power of the connected-edge and IoT potential

The race to 5G is well underway, and GDT’s Mobility and Wireless experts are well positioned to escort customers on a 5G journey that perfectly accommodates a wide variety of next gen offerings, including IoT, AI and Machine Learning.

Faster speeds mean the wealth of data created and downloaded can be transported at far greater speeds (up to 10 Gbps) and latency is substantially reduced, which could mean the difference between life and death for practitioners of telemedicine.

The future of IoT, powered by the edge

Learn how GDT is leveraging the connected edge to deliver next-generation IoT solutions that drive productivity and visibility across organizations. GDT connects the dots of disparate systems and edge devices, including sensors, devices, networks, and software, enabling them to work in concert to deliver business-driving insights from the massive amounts of data they collect on a daily basis.

GDT's Edge/IoT professionals help customers enjoy:

  • Flexible and scalable management of high device volume, diversity and geography
  • Enhanced IoT solutions not subject to platform limitations as new devices are introduced
  • Scalable solutions without the need to redesign the core IoT platform each time a change is required or technology evolves
  • Better managed business, improved efficiencies and optimized operations through valuable insight

Analytics to help guide the customer's future

GDT’s IoT platform facilitates a full complement of data analytics that can extract value, coordinate data and save time. This includes analytics built into the IoT platform and leverages specialized, third-party analytics software via secure API and services. GDT adds real-time streaming analytics, including smart stream capture, which makes it easier for customers to conduct active event monitoring, alerting, and event-driven response capabilities.

GDT's Edge/IoT professionals add security to a Mobile POS solution

The customer’s concerns about disrupting their recent Office 365 migration were mitigated by GDT’s Edge/IOT and Cloud experts.

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GDT’s Wireless and Mobility professionals create effective strategies that allow customers to gain usable insights from the masses of data they collect.

Mentored Transformational Services

GDT makes it easy for organizations to transform their IT operations with our team of experts