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With digital transformation in full swing, ensuring your largest technology investments are giving you the best bang for your buck is more critical than ever. Maximizing your hardware and software expenditures means returns on investment (ROIs) are at peak levels. However, managing software and hardware lifecycles requires time and resources that could be better utilized on proactive, business-driving initiatives. Enter GDT’s CX experts.

GDT helps customers get the most from their technological investments

A lack of oversight related to hardware expenditures often results in unexpected and unbudgeted costs from incorrect asset allocation, lengthy replacement times, and unnecessary costs due to protecting network assets that have been decommissioned or reached end-of-life.

GDT's CX and Lifecycle Services practice provides many additional hardware-related benefits, including:

  • Actionable Security Alerts
  • Streamlined Incident Management
  • Service Availability Alerts
  • Product Notices
  • End-of-Service/End-of-Life Alerts
  • Software Version Alerts
GDT’s CX & Lifecycle practice ensures software and network expenditures are delivering the customer’s desired business outcomes. After fully understanding the goals of customers’ software and hardware purchases, GDT’s professionals conduct fact-finding interviews with key stakeholders to uncover any software adoption barriers and/or network asset management and lifecycle issues.

They create action plans that align technology feature sets to impacted business processes, ensure end-user awareness is driven by a well-defined communication plan, and conduct knowledge transfer workshops to further drive technology adoption.

How to get the most from your technology spend

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GDT is one of the few
systems and network integrators that has built a technology practice strictly focused on managing customers’ full software and lifecycle journey.

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