automation and DevOPS

Releasing software faster, addressing issues more rapidly, and gaining agility through automation and machine learning

GDT’s Automation and DevOps Solutions professionals bridge the organizational gaps that prevent customers from proactively working on projects and initiatives that could shape their organization for years to come.

GDT takes customers on a transformational journey that arrives at agility, manageability, and optimization

Through its use of automation, GDT professionals can speed up and more reliably deploy networks, automating development and deployment workflows, enhancing collaboration and communication, and greatly shortening the delivery process. Automated processes mean fewer mistakes due to human error.

Faster application development, quicker feedback

Through Agile Development, GDT’s DevOps professionals deliver projects faster by breaking down software development into smaller, more manageable chunks, while soliciting feedback throughout the development process. As a result, application development is more flexible and more capable of responding to needs and changes quickly.

Automation loads sales funnel overnight

GDT’s Automation and DevOps practice enabled a customer’s sales force to do what they were hired to do.

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GDT offers informative, hands-on workshops that introduce companies to Devops best practices, including application development in a lab setting, and culminate with Proof of Value (PoV) builds and assessments by GDT’s DevOps advisory team.

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