Edgeline IoT Systems

Harness the Business Potential of the

The (IoT) is projected to soon exceed 20 billion devices1 at the “edge” of traditional networks. Those devices generate enormous volumes of data which present a unique business opportunity around the rapid extraction of insights.

Edge Computing: Where the IoT Comes to Life

IoT data originates remotely, often from equipment at the edge that emits analog data in industries like , , and utilities. Outside the traditional data center or , the edge is in the field, on a plant floor, on an oil rig or copper mine—generating business, engineering, and scientific insights.

Today, IoT data is sent to a data center or the cloud for future processing or analysis. Imagine if you could process this data at the remote site. The result is the ability to take instant action and affect immediate control of your “things.”

HPE is leading this move from the data center to the edge, enabling a new wave of technologies that have not been possible before—machine learning at the edge, fraud prevention, automated maintenance support, and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The HPE Edgeline Portfolio

Our industrial-grade, network edge devices can operate in virtually any environment and deliver secure, perpetual connectivity that drives insight and control at the edge. Upgradability and I/O options provide a strong foundation for your future IoT plans.