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SLAM Service Takes the Headache out of Licensing and Adoption

certified Lifecycle Advisor (LCA), GDT specializes in providing software solutions and enabling customer success through seamless adoption, management, and renewal services. Technology consumption models are shifting to a software-centric approach, many companies are finding themselves overly burdened by the administrative management of licenses, training, and adoption. Recognizing this, GDT has developed an approach to alleviate the complexity associated with these problems and provide customers with a holistic management solution. Smart Licenses have opened up a new level of flexibility for our customers to manage users and licenses. GDT has the capability to consolidate smart licenses and reduce complexity of management. We are also able to transition existing product activation keys to smart licenses. Our focus is providing an end-to-end solution for the ongoing management and adoption of core licensing components of the enterprise IT environment. GDT has invested in key certifications, processes, and tools to enable accelerated value capture through reduced management complexity as well as response and quoting times that are significantly faster than the industry average.]]>

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