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GDT and NetApp Help Customers on Strategic Initiatives

This video was originally posted on the NetApp Keystone webpage.

General Datatech, LLC (GDT) is a premier IT solutions integrator. John Woodall, VP of Engineering, describes the simplicity of doing business with NetApp and how customers are transforming, modernizing their data centers, and migrating to the cloud.

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Banking on the Cloud: The Future of Fintech

The financial services industry has admittedly been slow to embrace the cloud, which only makes sense given the volume and complexity of the data it handles and the regulatory requirements it must adhere to. However, it seems like the time has finally come for the industry to migrate to the cloud en masse. Cost reduction and scalability have always been some of the primary benefits of moving to the cloud, and after the last year, it’s getting harder and harder for any organization to ignore those benefits.

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