Vital Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Delivering life-saving technology to assist both caregivers and patients

Digital transformation, system innovation, and new healthcare technologies have rapidly changed the way healthcare is delivered from provider to patient. Patients to have greater control than ever over their own healthcare because of innovations such as telehealth, wearable monitoring devices, prescription delivery, and integrative electronic health records (EHRs). Increased access and engagement on the part of the patient means that medical providers must deliver more collaborative, digitally enabled care that improves patient satisfaction and retention. In short, next-gen healthcare requires next-gen technology.

Defining the needs of patients and providers

Patients want personalized care and communication, an elimination of friction points (scheduling, wait times, etc.), and flexibility in how to receive care (telehealth). They deserve to not suffer any gaps in care, despite growing nurse-to-patient ratios, and to actively engage in care plan and chronic disease management. They need easy to adhere to treatment plans and assurance that their private health information stays private.


Similarly, providers need integrated, collaborative communication between technologies and personnel, as well as the capability to conduct e-visits and receive alerts from patient monitoring devices. They deserve access to automation that reallocates time from administrative tasks to patient care, increased profitability without sacrificing patient satisfaction or employee morale, and systems that reduce mistakes and risks to patient and provider safety.


To meet the needs of patients and providers, even as they grow and evolve, these things are critical: medical-grade network security, reliable system and network performance, and predictive analytics based on historical data. 

Embracing new technologies can improve patient care and even save lives, but most providers struggle to adopt and integrate them in a cost-efficient way. Soaring costs and dwindling budgets make balancing the complexity of patient and regulatory demands even harder. Healthcare providers need a technology partner that understands the unique challenges the healthcare industry faces and that has the experience and expertise to implement truly effective solutions.



GDT provides:

  • Intelligent enterprise networking with personalized automation
  • Turnkey collaborative experiences combining unified communications, video, and conferencing
  • Data management and analytics through advanced data center and cloud solutions
  • Next-gen security to ensure business, financial data, and patient information confidentiality
  • Design, implementation, and support throughout hardware and software lifecycles
  • Improved point of care accessibility with robust wireless networks and mobility solutions

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