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About Us


IT professionals face the seemingly impossible. Supporting, maintaining, and managing the most complex networks, workforces, and data centers. Planning for the inevitability of billions of personal mobile devices requiring ubiquitous connectivity and zettabytes of data storage. The GDT team of experts transforms the systems that support the tasks of today and tomorrow.

“The GDT Innovation Campus is a facility for
change and a platform that showcases the synergy
between our customers and us.”
-JW Roberts, GDT CEO


We guide our clients toward a more connected and efficient future.

  • DESIGN – GDT solution architects and engineers realize the vision of both business leaders and IT professionals by increasing resource productivity with power and scalable IT ecosystems.
  • BUILD – With best-of-breed technology solutions, GDT stages, configures and tests in our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the continuation of a client’s business operations.
  • DELIVER – True, turnkey solutions. Knowledge transfer and training. GDT delivers satisfied clients that meet their business objectives.
  • MANAGE – GDT Advanced Solutions provides end-to-end network management services for cloud consumption, disaster recovery, network monitoring, process automation, and more.


Our team of IT solution professionals, from engineers to architects to project managers, represents the best and brightest from within the industry. The GDT team of expert solution engineers and architects work with rising stars and top-level technology partners – Cisco, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, VMware, Dell EMC, SAP, Citrix, F5 Technologies, APC, Intel, IBM, and more – to design, deploy, and manage the most advanced IT solutions and services for businesses of all sizes.


Founded in 1996, GDT is an award-winning, international multi-vendor IT solutions provider and Cisco Gold Partner. GDT specializes in the consulting, designing, deploying, and managing of advanced technology solutions for businesses, service providers, government, and healthcare. The GDT team of expert architects and engineers maintain the highest level certifications to translate the latest ideas and technologies into innovative solutions that realize the vision of business leaders. GDT partners for innovation and accelerates business outcomes. GDT aligns itself with industry leaders such as The GDT team of expert architects and engineers hold the highest level of certification and employ the use of state-of-the-art, LEED-certified facilities to translate the latest ideas and technologies into inventive solutions that realize the goals of IT and the vision of business leaders.


Located in Dallas, Texas, the modern and eco-friendly GDT Innovation Campus reflects the dedication to technology and the strong company culture. Once a commercial dairy processing plant and a television series set, GDT’s 90,000 sq. ft. LEED Gold Certified facility boasts a 30,000-gallon rainwater collection and irrigation system and a state-of-the-art solar panel array.


The GDT Labs and Staging Facilities ensure architectural best practices through rigorous pre-deployment testing and staging. GDT makes available the professional and equipment resources to stage and test all products and services that go into the solutions we design and build.

The Lab aids GDT solution architects during pre-sale design as well as engineers while staging to deploy new solutions or testing code upgrades at the request of customers. We offer educational services, personalized training, and Cisco certification for all levels that enhance the skills and abilities of our customers’ teams and leverage the technological investment.


  • Build proof-of-concept mock-ups and perform interoperability testing.
  • Provide demonstrations of multi-vendor client solutions to clients and prospects.
  • Replicate, validate, and fine-tune engineered solutions prior to deployment.
  • Facilitate mentored installs performed by clients under our tutelage.
  • Provide code and upgrade testing for current clients.
  • Give rise to newly-certified CCNA associates, CCNP professionals, and CCIE engineers.


The GDT team of expert architects and engineers holds the highest level certifications. The company holds master specializations in service provider, cloud, security, and unified communications. GDT also hold Advanced specializations in enterprise network architecture, collaboration, content security, data center architecture, unified computing, unified fabric technology and IP next-generation network architecture.

  • Cisco Capital Partner of the Year (2017)
  • Cisco Capital Partner of the Year – South (2017)
  • Cisco Services Partner of the Year – South (2017)
  • Cisco Digitization Partner of the Year
  • Cisco Architectural Excellence
  • Cisco Collaboration Partner of the Year
  • Cisco Service Partner of the Year
  • Cisco Enterprise Partner of the Year – Americas
  • Cisco Business Outcomes Partner of the Year – Americas South
  • Cisco Architectural Excellence US – Service Provider Architectures
  • Cisco Architectural Excellence US South – Data Center
  • Cisco Enterprise Partner of the Year Americas
  • Cisco Marketing Velocity Innovator of the Year
  • Cisco Outstanding Solutions Partner
  • Cisco Meraki Elevate South Partner of the Year
  • CRN Tech Elite 250 Award
  • Cisco Global Architectural Excellence – Service Provider Architectures
  • Cisco Capital Partner of the Year
  • EMC Outstanding Partner of the Year – South
  • US Field Data Center Partner of the Year – South
  • Cisco Innovation Partner of the Year – South
  • Cisco Service Partner of the Year – South
  • Cisco Gold Star for Customer Service Excellence
  • Cisco Service Partner of the Year – South
  • Largest Percent Growth of any Cisco Partner in the Southern Region#1 Cisco VAR in Retail Vertical
  • #1 Cisco VAR in Retail Vertical
  • #1 Cisco VAR in VOIP Sales in the Southern Region