Backup as a Service (BaaS)Managed Backup and Recovery in the Cloud

Advanced Solutions delivers turnkey Backup and Recovery as a Service (BaaS) supporting multi-vendor environments across on-prem, , and hybrid models. Our modernized approach achieves any-to-any compatibility between various server types, applications, backup media, and network architectures.

A Modernized Approach

The Advanced Solutions BaaS solution incorporates individually deployable modules, all built on a single unified code base and platform. The system intelligently Analyzes, Searches, Replicates, Protects, and Archives your data and information. Through a single platform, Our platform can intelligently manage data and information across heterogeneous , applications, virtual servers, operating systems and infrastructure from a single console.

The solution allows customers to better manage information assets, recover data quickly, and ultimately save money over loosely integrated, legacy solutions. Advanced Solutions BaaS allows organizations to protect data and information assets wherever they reside: physical, virtual, or in the cloud.

Solution Features

  • Separate data pools and protection policies
  • More backup windows with the fastest performing backup solution in the market
  • Fast data restores without the need to rehydrate de-dup data
  • Reduced data protection costs by as much as 50 percent
  • Protection of 500 virtual machines in less than 17 minutes
  • Recovery of data and applications nearly instantaneously
  • Extension of data protection to the cloud and back again
  • Migration from legacy platforms within days


SnapProtect™ Technology

Leveraging Storage Director powered by CommVault’s Simpana® software, we capture your entire environment quickly while staying out of the way of your production applications. We leverage hardware and application-based snapshots to:

  • Create copies without moving any data – minimizing the burden on production servers
  • Capture multiple recovery points throughout each day
  • Deliver hardware-agnostic, multi-vendor protection and recovery
  • Recover applications and data easily, regardless of storage tier

Storage Automation

User defined policies allow flexible tape and data migration strategies. Specifically designed for heterogeneous, multi-platform environments including proprietary platforms such as IBM® Mainframe, HP NonStop™ (Tandem), Virtual environments, and customized configurations for higher availability and specific customer needs. The solution:

  • Supports tape library distribution
  • Performs consolidation and remote replication with latency management/ WAN optimization
  • Connects to existing customer SANs, de-duplication solutions and backup application

We create flexible backup strategies as unique as your business