Amazon Web Services OptimizationTurnkey Amazon Cloud Management

GDT provides turnkey Amazon Web Services and optimization. With so many choices and decisions, AWS requires specialized knowledge so your business doesn’t embark down an intricate and expensive path from which recovery can be costly. The GDT team of AWS Certified engineers will help you plan and manage your AWS solution to avoid common pitfalls capture all the benefits the platform has to offer.

Amazon Web Services has gained popularity for its push-button options and consumption model, but without proper planning and management, costs can quickly spiral out of control. GDT doesn’t just provide AWS cloud services, we provide layers of professional services on top at no additional charge to ensure your business can leverage AWS without the need to staff dedicated resources.

AWS Procurement & Consumption

Designing a cloud infrastructure, especially a hybrid deployment is no easy task. Consultative services from GDT provides recommendations and strategic guidance on options to maximize your company’s AWS investment. Even if you are an existing AWS customer,GDT can procure AWS infrastructure for with our layered services at no additional cost.

Advance Solutions manages your AWS infrastructure, monitors the system performance, availability, up time, and provides alerts should anomalies be detected. Providing preventative diagnosis is key to preventing complications that cause extended downtime. Should any unusual activities be detected, GDT will promptly manage and report.

AWS Optimization Services

In order to maximize your return on investment, GDT AS provides tool and resources to review and optimize the AWS architecture and financial investment. GDT AS architects will offer infrastructure design reviews and suggest architecture changes so that your AWS solution meets business objectives.

AWS Solutions

We understand that not every application or service requires offsite AWS and in the cloud. GDT provides tools designed to give you visibility into your entire AWS infrastructure regardless if it’s an on-prem solution, entirely in the cloud or hybrid.

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