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GDT partners merge: SimpliVity is bought by HPE for $650M in cash

January 23, 2017

GDT is excited to follow the merger of two of our existing technology partners: HPE  and Simplivity !

HPE has recently announced that it has purchased SimpliVity which is the company best known for being a specialist in the “hyperconverged infrastructure” space.

Hyperconverged is the term used to describe the systems that combine compute, storage and networking into a single converged system. The market is estimated to be worth $2.4 billion in 2016 and has a growth rate of 25% estimated to reach $6 billion by 2020.

HPE announced that “By bringing together HPE’s best-in-class infrastructure, automation and cloud management software with SimpliVity’s industry leading software-defined data management platform, HPE and its partner ecosystem will deliver the industry’s only “built-for-enterprise” hyperconverged offering.   

Having SimpliVity’s innovative technology as part of HPE’s hyperconverged portfolio provides significant additional benefits to customers, including:

  • Built-in enterprise data protection and resiliency that simplifies backup and enables customers to more quickly restore operations.   
  • Enterprise storage utilization and virtual machine (VM) efficiency that helps customers control cost and performance.
  • Always-on compression and de-duplication that guarantees 90 percent capacity savings across storage and backup. 
  • Policy-based VM-centric management that simplifies operations and enables data mobility, making development teams and end-users more productive.

One of SimpliVity’s flagship product is OmniCube – a fully integrated hyperconverged infrastructure appliance. It converges 8 to 12 core data center functions into 2U building blocks on enterprise-grade servers. OmniCube folds in the hypervisor, compute, storage, backup, replication, deduplication, WAN optimization, and cloud gateway. 

This transaction expands HPE’s software-defined capability and fits squarely within our strategy to make Hybrid IT simple for customers,” said Meg Whitman, President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  “More and more customers are looking for solutions that bring them secure, highly resilient, on-premises infrastructure at cloud economics.  That’s exactly where we’re focused.”


The business of one-on-one election politics

November 8, 2016


In 2006 New York times ran a headline “The YouTube Election”. It was an article about how Senator Allen was caught on tape referring to a college with a racial slur. The recording made its way to YouTube which in turn made it to the front page of the Washing Post and then TV. This resulted in the downgrade of the Senator as a leading contender for the 2008 Republication presidential nomination.

In 2014 it was the “Facebook election”, 2015 it was the “Live Stream” election so it seems like the run to every election is based on some technology platform. As America is heading to the voting booth, what are the technology platforms that shaped the way Americans will vote?

All of them.

And the reason is a term that that technologists have been waving around for several years – BIG DATA. As the world is becoming much more reliant on information every action that is taken online, every click, every item searched for and every product purchased is being recorded and logged and this data is used to build a digital profile on each person.

In the science-fiction movie “Minority Report”, psychic-technology was used to arrest criminals before they committed the crime.  In 2016, in the real-world, access to big data has allowed political parties to analyze and predict how groups of people are most likely to behave and therefore influence their action by seeding their social media feeds, emails, and phones with information to either change that action or reinforce that action.

Politically speaking, this is not new. In the last elections, the Barack Obama’s election team was using these techniques effectively to win votes.  TargetSmart’s CEO, Tom Bonier, which is a company that provides that big data analytics to the national and state Democratic parties, is quoted as saying that “The playing field is a lot more level now than it was then…In 2008, the narrative was that Democrats were so much smarter and so much farther ahead than Republicans in this area, and that’s just not the case at all at this point. It’s a very level playing field in terms of the innovation that’s going on, on both sides of the aisle.”

Deep Root is the company that the Republican party contracts to analyze the big data. David Seawright, director of analytics and product innovation at Deep Root refers to the data as “weaponized” or “actionize” as it can arm the GOP with the right information at the right time so that the right message or action can be taken and shown to the right person.

This is what the election is boiling down to – One on One targeting.

Political Action Committees are no longer restricted by how much money they can spend to market themselves. Therefore, with the aid of the big data analytical tools the Parties are able to spend large sums of money but spent it with pin-point accuracy. Now it’s up to the marketing and messaging specialist to get the right message across.

Politics catching up to Enterprise.

The one arena where Big Data Analysis is not new is in the Enterprise arena which has been recording and analyzing customer data since the inception of commerce. Technologies such as Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data provides businesses with the power to go beyond just storage of large data but to extract deep insights from the data.

“Historically, Enterprises have been collecting vast amounts of data that required loads of powerful hardware to interrogate that data“ says Allen Sulgrove, Director of the Digital Business Unit at GDT “ With systems such as SAP Hana, the hardware requirement is now significantly less and so more companies are able to extract valuable insights from the data.”

Mr. Sulgrove explains that businesses are now collecting and analyzing sentiment data which is unstructured data from systems such as social media, keywords searches and from Amazon reviews. This data is used to better tailor the business offering.

The analysis of information enables faster reactions, smarter decisions. Analytics provides insights into patterns that improve management and operational control while boosting productivity and driving better business outcomes toward improvements in a businesses’ bottom line.

And perhaps even win an election too.

Cowboys’ McFadden not among 25 weirdest phone-related injuries

August 3, 2016

There’s just not much worse than dropping an unprotected phone.

The seconds that separate the initial phone fumble from its final collision with earth are harrowing to say the least. There’s the ill-fated swipe to regain possession, followed by the hacky sack-style kick attempt, and, ultimately, should all of that fail, the final open-palmed, arms outstretched miming of where we wish the thing had landed.darren-mcfadden

So, when reports surfaced that Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden broke his elbow (ouch) attempting to catch a falling iPhone, we all collectively shook our heads knowingly. Good job, good effort, Darren. Can’t blame ya. Nothing kills mobility like a shattered screen.

Recently, however, McFadden explained that he didn’t injure himself diving for a loose phone. Rather, he slipped on wet cement near a friend’s pool – iPhone in hand. Perhaps his focus on maintaining possession of his phone played a role in the nature of his injury, but the phone, itself, was not the cause.

With that, McFadden – who is expected to be back on the field at the start of the season next month – avoided Network World’s next list of real-life ways people have been hurt using their phones. These other 25 people did not share his fate.

Cisco, T-Mobile Arena Setting the Curve for Tech in Sports

July 26, 2016

We aren’t breaking news when we tell you that it’s hot outside. But, perhaps no place was hotter than Las Vegas this month, where Cisco Live Las Vegas and the S.E.A.T. Conference went back-to-back with more heat than a pair of Drake dis tracks. (more…)

GDT Engineers Aim to Leave Mark on Cisco Live

July 1, 2016

GDT will have a significant presence at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Nev., this year with a team set to participate in the DevNet Hackathon along with GDT Labs’ Brett Kugler’s contributions to the Cisco Partner DevOps Forum Panel. (more…)

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