Customer Success Story

What Happens when an Outsourcing Expert Can’t Scale Fast Enough?

A major, global call center outsourcer with over 100,000 employees in 120 locations across 14 countries was growing so rapidly, their infrastructure and staff couldn’t keep up. Within a short span of time, they acquired three companies and nearly quadrupled the size of their staff. However, they were held back by two show-stopping issues: a network problem and a people problem. All of these acquisitions came with unique infrastructures and a wide variety of partner products that didn’t always work well together. Even worse, they didn’t have the technical skills on staff to upgrade and streamline their systems.


Their rapid growth meant their IT staff had to battle with frequently incompatible infrastructure and partner products as three companies merged into a fourth.


They had a significant amount of network instability that took a long time to repair; they needed to streamline their network and implement an elevated, worldwide standard.


Despite the size of their staff, they lacked the technical expertise to merge and upgrade the systems, optimize the end user experience, and maintain the new architecture going forward.


Just as the customer knew that they needed a single system that could “do it all,” they knew that they needed a partner that could too. They turned to GDT to implement an elevated, worldwide standard for network infrastructure, as well as to provide the staff to support it. GDT designed the architecture and developed a standard solution for the sites; staged, configured, burned in, and sent materials to each site; performed all Layer One installations and stayed onsite through the cutover. We also provided network engineers and eventually project managers as the project grew.


To date, GDT has performed 45 site upgrades with plans to continue the rest once coronavirus travel restrictions have eased. The stability of the converted sites is dramatic. Originally, every site was having 2-4 outages a month, but now, only one of the 45 sites converted has had an outage—exactly one time. This was due in part to the fact that GDT has become a single source for fulfilling all of their needs, including filling 11 network engineer and PM roles so far.

The customer enjoys the flexibility of how quickly GDT can place or swap out staff as needed (within one week), though they’ve rarely had to exercise that flexibility because the GDT-provided personnel are so embedded in the project. Also, as a worldwide company, they appreciate that GDT is able to provide the highest-quality individuals no matter where or when they are needed. In short, GDT was able to fill these roles more effectively than the customer could have themselves because of our extensive experience in staffing and our deep knowledge and understanding of the project that required staffing.


Ongoing (1 year so far); full project anticipated to take 2 years


GDT’s Staffing Solutions provides professionals who, through empirical experience, education and applicable technical certifications, can hit the ground running and make an immediate impact. Their practice is comprised of recruiting and staffing professionals equipped with the expertise and experience that comes from years of placing the right candidates into the right positions. By combining their IT experience and a vast network of engineering and technical professionals, customers can better meet deadlines, go to market faster, and remain focused on the key initiatives that will help shape their organization’s future.

GDT’s team of staffing professionals conduct thorough interviews with customers’ key stakeholders to fully understand the specific needs and expectations of their new personnel. And, they make sure they understand the soft skills that, while overlooked by many, are an important element of their staffing arsenal. They understand the need to look beyond the resume and ensure candidates’ professional philosophies and work ethic perfectly mesh with not only the company, but with the department for which they’ll be working.

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