Customer Success Story

Oil Well SP Digs Deeper into Cloud Consumption

The largest well service rig fleet in the US faced a problem all too common for large organizations: how to reduce cost while improving operations. Specifically, the cost from their existing cloud provider was far too high. They also were spending more time than necessary managing a traditional colocation environment as well as their public cloud workloads. They needed better manageability, lower costs, and cloud FinOps. That’s where GDT came in.




  • Their previous solution hosted roughly 150 workloads in a public cloud provider and another 50 workloads in their colocation space.
  • They needed to reduce the per unit cost of their cloud spend.
  • Their existing cloud contract did not take advantage of the volume pricing available by going through a cloud consumption volume partner like GDT.
  • They needed a solution that reduced their cost without sacrificing manageability or functionality.


GDT helped the customer to gather workload data and used that data to determine effort and complexity. The customer worked with GDT to consolidate the workloads they had into Microsoft Azure, to achieve better manageability, cost reductions, and FinOps in the cloud. GDT provided an Azure subscription at a discounted rate to host the consumption, which invoices monthly as a service, and our Project Management Team gave the client’s in-house staff the task-by-task assistance they need to plan and execute the migration itself.




GDT helped the customer to reduce their workloads, reduce their cloud costs, and achieve greater manageability. Because of GDT’s demonstrated cloud expertise, the client turned to us for other projects as well.




4 Months




GDT’s Cloud Services experts guide you on a cloud journey from initial advice to operation state, which may include cloud strategy, readiness, and migration; SaaS and cloud native implementation; custom API development; and managed services. Our approach ensures that applications and workloads are right sized for you current capacity needs with the ability to expand quickly and efficiently as the business demands.

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