Customer Success Story

GDT Heals Hospital System’s Compliance Pain

One of the largest public teaching hospital systems in the US was understandably overwhelmed. Their network of technologies and software had grown so large over a century of operating that they struggled to keep track of what they had and whether it was in use. Compounding the problem, they faced a host of medical and non-medical regulatory compliance requirements, including HIPAA/HITRUST and PCI, that seemed impossible for them to keep track of on their own. The problem had gotten so bad, in fact, that they nearly lost their compliance certification. They needed help becoming—and staying—organized and adhering to a multitude of compliance requirements; they needed a partner who could take this burden off of them so they could do what they do best: serving patients.



  • As their IT and technology needs grew, so did their inventory. It had grown to the point where they weren’t sure which of the various applications and technologies they possessed were even necessary, in use, or met their needs.
  • As a cutting-edge medical facility, they are subject to a significant number of regulatory compliance requirements, but they struggled so much with documentation management that they almost lost compliance certification.
  • The related problems of excessive software inventory and compliance difficulties meant that their organization was diverting precious time and financial resources that could be put to better use elsewhere.



GDT knew that the problems the hospital system faced were preventing them from focusing on items more worthy of their attention and worked with the customer to develop a customized plan to tackle these issues head on. GDT’s Advisory Services team worked with them to perform an extensive software rationalization project. This helped them define what needs they have, see how their existing software measured up against these parameters, and provided a benchmark for any potential new software going forward. By the end of this process, they would have a clearly defined, optimized software library. Additionally, GDT’s Advisory Services will provide ongoing compliance management services to ensure continued adherence to regulatory requirements.



By pairing down their software inventory, GDT helped the hospital system reduce costs related to overlapping, ineffective, and/or unused software. GDT’s Advisory Services Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) program also maintains regulatory requirement documentation and review functions associated with compliance requirements, so the customer will never again be in danger of losing their compliance certification. GDT has taken on the hospital system’s long-term needs of software rationalization and compliance management so that they can focus on forward-facing strategic initiatives and service delivery, rather than the ongoing maintenance that frequently dominates IT resources for the healthcare industry and beyond.



3 months to implement; 3-year contract, with option to renew



GDT’s Advisory Services team is comprised of the industry’s most tenured and talented IT professionals, who are dedicated to evaluating, guiding and enhancing customers’ IT organizations. No two customers are alike, which is why we guide each customer on a proactive, personalized technology journey that delivers measurable, consistent and sustainable results from discovery to deployment. GDT offers informative, hands-on advisory engagement and workshops that introduce companies to best practices, including IT transformation, risk mitigation, and infrastructure security.

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