Customer Success Story

A company’s cloud goals were trumped by a poor infrastructure

Everybody wants to move to the . They want to enjoy the efficiencies and management capabilities that doing so provides organizations of all sizes. But understanding how to deploy a  architecture is harder than most believe, which is exactly what a technology analytics company discovered upon attempting to deploy  Services.

After discovering that moving to the Cloud was more than their IT staff could handle, they began utilizing a MSP ( Provider) in the hopes it could deploy a solution to reduce and simplify set-up times and make the management of their Cloud architecture easier and more intuitive. However, the client soon discovered that the MSP didn’t have the experience, skill sets and technical acumen to deliver a Cloud solution to satisfy their needs.

Then they talked to the AWS Cloud experts at GDT

Time and again the client’s small IT staff couldn’t meet the demands of its internal customers. Each time a new developer and production location was added, a new VPN tunnel had to be constructed and configured to both headquarters and the data center. This time-consuming task took their IT and  staff off key projects and initiatives, which left trouble tickets open, network issues unresolved and employees dissatisfied.

After assessing the client’s current cloud architecture and understanding precisely what they needed, GDT’s AWS Cloud solutions architects and engineers designed a solution that would not only hit its mark, but could be successfully implemented in less than a month.

A Thorough Assessment results in the Right Architecture

GDT’s AWS Cloud Experts created a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) for the client, which allows for the provisioning of each new location in a virtual network. VPN tunnels only needed to be created at headquarters and the data center. And through automation, new locations can now be turned up and configured without pulling networking resources off other projects.

Turning Cloud Visions into Realities

The GDT Cloud experts have successfully helped enterprises, service providers and government entities realize the Cloud results they had always imagined.

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