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GDT enables our customers to become more agile, more competitive, and more profitable

GDT’s tenured, talented IT professionals have delivered an array of successful, tried-and-tested solutions to customers for the past 24 years. Whether it’s cloud migration roadmaps, managed NOC and SOC services, next-gen security strategies, or implementations throughout the world, many of the world’s most notable enterprises, healthcare organizations, service providers, and government agencies have turned to GDT to ensure they’re getting the very most from their technology spend. 

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Medical & Healthcare

GDT Heals Hospital System’s Compliance Pain

One of the largest public teaching hospital systems in the US was understandably overwhelmed. Their network of technologies and software had grown so large over a century of operating that they struggled to keep track of what they had and

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GDT Gives Energy Manufacturer’s Cybersecurity a Needed Jolt

A large-scale energy manufacturer’s growth had outpaced their cybersecurity infrastructure. This company had expanded business lines and marketing capabilities, which led to an increasingly complex and hard to manage IT infrastructure that impeded security and compliance. Despite the ever-increasing complexity

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Banking & Financial

Insurance Company Increases Coverage by Renewing Policy

A 115-year-old, S&P 500 insurance company serving all fifty states faced an all-too-common problem: they had purchased a product but weren’t able to realize its full potential. Unfortunately, companies often purchase software with the best of intentions, only to have

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