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GDT presents Lunch & Learn on Blockchain

is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Ryan uses Bitcoin as the marquee, certainly most noteworthy, implementation of the blockchain algorithm. He begins with a simple definition of blocks, and what can be stored within them. He discusses both the benefits and drawbacks of distributed blockchains, referred to as a Distributed Ledger. Ryan concludes the presentation with a summary of the data structure, hashing, and the power of distribution. There’s a great Q & A session at the end that includes information on use cases, scalability, and the drawbacks of blockchain. Give it a watch–great info!    ]]>

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FlexPod: Flexibility for the Future

There are significant hurdles to overcome to find the data infrastructure that meets the exact needs of your business. For some, their data may be too sensitive to store in a public cloud, but the cost of storing and processing that data locally may be too high. That’s where FlexPod comes in.

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Neeco Global ICT Services & GDT Announce Strategic Alliance

Creating a powerful offering of extended ICT services and award-winning IT solutions and systems integration expertise, General Datatech (GDT) and Neeco today announced a new international alliance which will help clients future-proof their enterprises, increase their profitability and help them meet their sustainability objectives.

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