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Bridge the Gap between Infrastructure and Applications

Whether your IT department is still working remotely or has resumed onsite operations, you still need the ability to manage and support your infrastructure remotely. On top of that, you need the ability to deliver applications and services faster, ensure end-user experience, increase efficiency, reduce costs, support existing infrastructure and applications, and manage next-generation workloads that require computing at the edge, branch offices, data centers, and in public and private cloud environments. It’s a tall order.

Implementing distributed applications supported by distributed computing is creating a growing gap between what these environments require and the expertise, processes, and tools to support them. Additionally, IT organizations are adopting DevOps practices to be more responsive to the business. They are also implementing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) management and automation platforms enhanced by artificial intelligence (AIOps) to increase efficiency and continuously evolve.

Cisco Intersight is an intelligent SaaS platform for IT staff to manage and get support for their Intersight-connected systems when and where they need it. It provides secure, lifecycle management of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), HyperFlex and third-party devices. 

Cisco Intersight provides a holistic approach to managing and providing support of distributed computing environments from the core to the edge. As a cloud-based management platform, Cisco Intersight simplifies the deployment, monitoring, management, and support of your infrastructure from anywhere, anytime.

Cisco Intersight monitors system health and configuration status and provides cross-platform visibility. It reduces complexity and manual effort to deploy, maintain, and upgrade Intersight-connected systems, and it learns and evolves to deliver greater capabilities and improved insights to help you proactively manage your environment through built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Intersight is fully programable, can be integrated with third-party systems and tools, and comes with a range of licensing and deployment options.

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